Doris Folkens' pure, clear and fresh voice flows into the ears and carries one along on beautiful musical song streams that run deep and overflow onto banks lined with bucolic and authentic scenes, scenarios and characters sharing stories of real life wisdom. Time to ride down the river with Doris.

Neil Diercks, Alvarez-Diercks Productions

Off to Stewart Park Festival in Perth..... 

From the Organizers of the Festival: 

In March 2015 ,  the Perth & District Historical Society presented each of the four municipalities that made up the Perth Military Settlement with a traditionally styled19th century toll lantern, recognising the essential role that lanterns played in early settlement life. In keeping with that theme, here is a track from the Festival's commemorative CD "Hardship and Honour". It's a selection entitled "The Fields of Perth",  written by Doris Folkens & Heather Elliott. 


Produced by Hugh McMillan and manufactured by Seventh Fire Records

SPF Songwriting Competition Winners

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2016 SPF - Songwriting Competition photo

UPDATE: Winners of the 200th Anniversary Songwriting Contest

1st place    Tim Loten: “Ode to the Big Cheese”

2nd place   Brian Lynch: “Perth by the Tay”

3rd place    Doris Folkens & Heather Elliott : “The Fields of Perth”

We would also like to thank our judges Susan Code, James Keelaghan and Joel LeBlanc.




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